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City Media Group (previously Citemenu.com) has a variety of products and services with a team of well trained and experienced marketing specialists that can help you take your business to the next level.

Over 15 years experience in advertising and branding. We have specialized in restaurant advertising for years. With such a competitive market, each restaruant and business needs to build a unique brand in order to attract new clients. That image and brand is very important in order to keep your clients loyal.Here at City Media Group, we help you with that task. You are so busy running your business that you don't have time to keep up with the ever changing world around you. The technology changes so quickly, and the clients are following and evolving with the technology.

We at City Media Group, want to be your partners in making your business successful. The way we see it, your business and ours have a sybiotic relationship with each other. Our success depends on your success and vice versa. So we give 110% to make sure that you succeed.

Browse our website, and look at the various products and projects we have. There is bound to be something that interests you. If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we can answer your questions over the phone, or send a representative to meet with you and introduce our company and products.

We have spent alot of time identifying great tools and creating great platforms for you to reach out to your customers. Let us be your guide to success. Let us help you make YOUR business MORE PROFITABLE. Start today, by giving us a call.

Our Services


We excel in flyer production. Let our team design, print, fold and distribute any amount of flyer you might need. We designed and distributed millions of flyers for over 10 years. We offer one of the best service in the industry with competitive pricing at every level.


We can help you with all your design needs. From a business card to a 10 foot billboard, we have experience in everything that is graphic design. We will print whatever quantity you might need and deliver it usually within 5 business days.


We offer web design, maintenance and hosting. Our services are affordable and current with the industry's standards. Our designers will put together the perfect website for your needs. SEO support, online e-commerce, advertisement, etc... We will get your site online and running in no time.

mobile apps

Need an app for your business? We offer outstanding app design with plenty of experience on both Android and iOS platforms. Let our team build you the perfect tool.


Be part of our online order portal and benefit from even more exposure. We will bring your products online and manage the whole experience.Want your customers to be able to order from you on the web? We offer a site grouping restaurants from all over town. Reach new clients and jump on the order online bandwagon.

Our Product


Need printing done for yesterday? We can print all your needs and send you the package in a week. From flyers to business cards, we can even design it for you in no time.


Need a delivery system? Don't want to hire drivers and a receptionist? We offer a delivery service all around Montréal for all your needs.


Enroll your store with our new app Scratch & Win! Offer your clients rewards for coming back regularly and push notifications directly to your client's phones.


Comming Soon....


Your restaurant needs more exposure? We collaborate with restaurants to offer a book regrouping menus from all over town. The book are distributed in the areas around your store.


coming soon.


Our video

Montreal Restaurants / Online Delivery Menus

Companies, organizations and even personalities rely on the power of virality on social media. Virality is one of the main indicators whether their brand is effective or not. To become viral – to be shared, liked and commented on – the content published on a social platform must have a certain quality to catch on like wildfire. Video marketing has become one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to promote a brand. Importance of Online Videos

  • Online video is cost-effective to produce for the value it generates.
  • Video increases brand recognition.
  • Online videos are inherently viral.

It also highlights why videos are gaining greater value online compared to textual-based content.

  • More people prefer watching videos.
  • Videos induce people to stay longer on websites.
  • People remember videos.

To say the business world is highly competitive is an understatement. Getting an edge over other business competitors relies on the success of branding. Each company wants their brand to be the customer’s "first choice" in their respective market. Traditional advertising is still very much a part of the marketing strategies businesses employ to promote their brand. But the internet has revolutionized advertising and proved how online advertising is effective.

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