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The transformative power of PRINTING

The leading choice

of Montreal restaurants

City Media Group is the partner of choice for restaurateurs, and our reputation in the industry speaks for itself. We have earned this distinction because we not only understand the unique challenges and dynamics of the restaurant business but because we live and breathe it. 

City Media Group

Together, we shape success!

Your Marketing Ally

Our team's profound passion for the restaurant industry allows us to offer unparalleled insight and support.  We anticipate trends and we stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that our partners are always well-prepared to navigate the ever-evolving culinary landscape. When you choose City Media Group, you're choosing a partner deeply ingrained in the restaurant world, dedicated to your success, and always one step ahead.

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Delivery and 
Take-Out Menu

  • Vibrant, high-quality delivery menus for food ordering.
  • Glossy paper stock options for a premium feel.
  • Tailored designs reflecting the restaurant's branding and quality.

À la Carte 
Dine-In Menu

  • Full-color à la carte menu designs.
  • Dine-in menus that blend with the restaurant's decor.
  • Clear, appetizing dish visuals and descriptions.


  • Customizable placemat designs for branding consistency.
  • Multiple paper choices: bond, newsprint, or glossy.
  • Incorporation of promotional messages, trivia, or puzzles.

Food Packaging 

  • Customized printing for sandwich boxes, chicken boxes, bags, and more.
  • Aligning designs with restaurant branding.
  • Added features like QR codes for marketing engagement.

Bills and 
NCR Forms

  • Reliable NCR forms for instant duplication.
  • Customizable with restaurant logos and information.
  • Available in various formats: books or loose sheets.


  • Offset printing for bulk orders.
  • Digital printing for short-run projects.
  • Large format printing for banners and posters.

Advertising and Marketing Solutions

City Media Group is a one-stop-shop for restaurateurs, offering all-encompassing advertising and marketing solutions to elevate the brand visibility and experience. 
Delivery Menu
À la Carte Menu - Dine-In Menu
Food Packaging Products
A well-designed delivery menu is an essential tool for any restaurant in today's competitive landscape. It serves as a direct link between the establishment and its customers, especially in the ever-expanding world of food delivery services. 

A restaurant's delivery menu is often the first point of contact for customers looking to explore its offerings from the comfort of their own homes. It not only conveys the variety of dishes available but also reflects the restaurant's branding and overall quality.
A professionally crafted delivery menu is a silent yet powerful salesperson that can entice customers and drive sales, making it a vital asset for any restaurant's success.
City Media Group understands the significance of a well-crafted delivery menu and offers vibrant, well-thought-out flyers to help restaurants effectively promote their products. 

A visually appealing menu that highlights the dishes with vibrant images and concise descriptions can make a significant difference in attracting customers and encouraging them to place orders.
City Media Group's commitment to delivering high-quality, eye-catching flyers on glossy paper stock aligns perfectly with the restaurant's desire to make a lasting impression on customers, ensuring that the menu or brochure is not just a list of dishes but a marketing tool that boosts the restaurant's brand and sales. 

It sends a clear message that the restaurant takes pride in its offerings and is committed to providing a superior
dining experience, even when dining in may not be an option.
An à la carte menu plays a pivotal role in any restaurant's success, as it serves as the culinary roadmap for diners, showcasing the array of dishes and beverages offered. Beyond being a mere list of items, an à la carte menu is a powerful tool that helps shape the restaurant's image and influences diners' choices.

 It's a reflection of the restaurant's culinary identity, creativity, and attention to detail. A well-designed à la carte menu not only highlights the dishes but also sets the stage for a memorable dining experience, making it an essential asset for any dining establishment.
City Media Group recognizes the profound importance of an à la carte menu and offers vibrant, well-thought-out dine-in menus that serve as an extension of the restaurant's atmosphere.
These menus are carefully designed to seamlessly blend with the restaurant's decor and style, creating a harmonious visual experience for diners. 

This careful consideration of design not only adds to the overall aesthetics of the restaurant but also enhances the dining experience. When the menu complements the restaurant's ambiance, it becomes an integral part of the overall impression, reinforcing the restaurant's brand identity and ensuring a memorable visit for patrons.

The design of these dine-in menus goes beyond aesthetics; it also plays a role in promoting the restaurant's products.
With eye-catching visuals, clear descriptions, and a layout that guides diners through the dining choices, these menus help direct customers to select dishes that resonate with their tastes.

 This thoughtful approach to menu design not only helps customers make informed decisions but also encourages them to explore and try new items, boosting sales and adding to the restaurant's bottom line.

City Media Group's commitment to providing well-conceived dine-in menus ensures that restaurants can offer an inviting and memorable dining experience that begins with the menu itself.
Placemats hold a significant role in the dining experience at any restaurant, and their importance extends beyond their practical purpose of protecting the table.
These unassuming pieces of paper are versatile tools that can enhance a diner's experience while providing several potential benefits to the restaurant.
Placemats serve as a canvas for branding, offering an excellent opportunity for restaurants to showcase their unique identity, promotions, and important information. Whether it's through vivid imagery, branding messages, or entertaining trivia, placemats can captivate and engage customers, leaving a lasting impression.

City Media Group understands the value of placemats as a multifunctional marketing tool. We offer a range of options, including different sizes and paper types, to cater to the specific needs of each restaurant.
 The choice of bond paper, newsprint paper, or glossy paper allows restaurants to select the material that best aligns with their branding and decor. Bond paper lends a sophisticated touch, while newsprint paper can evoke a nostalgic feel. 

On the other hand, glossy paper can add a touch of elegance and vibrancy to the dining experience. The ability to tailor placemats to the restaurant's style is essential for ensuring that the branding message is consistent and enhances the
Printing food packaging products is a vital aspect of a restaurant's branding and customer experience. From club sandwich boxes to chicken boxes, wax papers, bags and more, these packaging items are often the first point of contact between the restaurant and its customers.
High-quality, custom-printed packaging not only ensures that the food is well-presented but also carries several potential benefits for the restaurant. 

It can enhance brand visibility, leave a lasting impression on customers, and even serve as a marketing tool that sparks curiosity and encourages repeat business.
City Media Group recognizes the importance of custom-printed food packaging and offers a range of tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of each restaurant. 

Our flexibility in providing different options allows restaurants to select packaging materials and designs that align perfectly with their branding and style.
Whether it's a trendy fast-casual eatery or a cozy family restaurant, custom-printed packaging can elevate the dining experience and enhance the restaurant's image. 

In addition to creating a cohesive and appealing brand identity, custom-printed food packaging can also serve as a marketing medium.
Messages, slogans, or QR codes printed on packaging can direct customers to the restaurant's website, promotions, or social media profiles, leading to increased engagement and customer loyalty. 
Moreover, the attractive and unique designs can make a restaurant's food stand out, attracting attention both in-house and in delivery orders.

With City Media Group's customized solutions, restaurants can elevate their brand but also leverage their packaging as a cost-effective and engaging marketing tool, creating a win-win scenario for both the business and its customers.

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Explore Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing Innovative Solutions

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Transform Your Ideas into Print. With our Exceptional Printing Services!
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